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"Jaime." Alexandria said, catching him while he was at the door. He stopped for her, turning his head. "Jaime." she repeated, walking up to him and hugging him, he returned it. "Thank you, I don't know what I'd do without her." she looked him in the eyes, he broke it off. 

"Again, it is what I do." he said, shrugging. "Just make sure she stops." he said, Alexandria nodded as he opened the door. And right as he opened it, Lynn was there, about to knock. She let out a breath, seeing him there. She hugged him. 

"Thank god, are yeh okay?" she asked him. 

"Don't worry about me. The girl is safe. She was outside The Black City, a couple things chased us. You don't want to go in her room." he said, Lynn bit her lip. 

"Bad?" she asked him, his eyes widened and he loudly exhaled. 

"You'd have an aneurysm. Put it that way." He coughed, a bit of blood followed. He wiped it on his jeans.

"Let's go see it." Lynn said, looking to Alexandria.

"Okay. Before you do, I've already said what needed to be said. So don't go off on a threat spree." Jaime told her, motioning to Alexandria to lead. The girl did and Lynn followed, Jaime pulled up the rear. When they got to Kelsi's room, Lynn's jaw dropped, she turned and looked at Jaime, her face was completely stupefied. "Told you so." were the only words that Jaime could think of. 

"Good god..." Lynn mumbled, walking inside of it. "Is that an evocation circle?" she asked.

"Within a circle of protection." he confirmed. "They're both shaky as hell too." he said, coughing again. More blood followed, he also wiped that on his jeans. It left a stain, but he didn't care. 

"Who is this?" Heather asked. 

"My aunt." Jaime said, poking his head in. "Auntie Lynn, meet Heather and Robert." he said, pointing to each of them with the correct name. "You've already met Alexandria." he shrugged. 

"Your boy is probably the most-" Lynn held up her hand, stopping Heather. 

"It's great to meet yeh, dinna get me wrong, I will have first names before I leave, but right now, I need the girl to whose room this belongs to." she said. Jaime inhaled.

"I already said I got it. Dinna worry auntie." he pressed. The woman glared at her nephew. He knew the look. She was pissed alright. "That's cool too. All you." he said, backing off. 

Kelsi stepped forward before Lynn. Swallowing hard. "Me." she didn't even stammer. 

"Do yeh even understand what ye've doon?" Lynn's voice didn't wobble or wave in any way. It stayed to one tone. Pure anger. "Do ye?" Kelsi shrugged. "Yeh don't? So yeh did this anyway, and fuck all with what could happen aye?" she asked. Jaime raised his hand. "Jaime, if yeh want to keep yer arm..." he quickly lowered it. "Not only did yeh use a forbidden magic, yeh've used it unnecessarily!" she shouted. 

"Your nephew did the same thing!" Kelsi shouted at Lynn. Jaime grimaced. Shouting at her ended bad ninety nine percent of the time if she was feeling generous.

"Aye, and my nephew also held the portal open, came in and saved yeh then closed it. He didna use an evocation circle with blood magic. My nephew knows what he's doing, and also knows the consequences if he messes up." she hissed. 

"Can I just-" she turned around on him. He felt his stomach knot up.

"Jaime, d'yeh want me to be cross with you too?" he exhaled and held his hands up. 

"Just, before you press on, keep in mind that I was a bit younger than her when I attempted my first-" she held her hand out and Jaime huffed but nodded. His aunt did know best. Especially when it came to things like this. 

"Nae." she told him. "Ye were around her age. But yeh read yer shite before yeh did anythin' stupid." she told him, turning back to Kelsi. "Ye, on the other hand, didn't." 

The girl was almost in tears at this point. Her face was red from embarrassment, and she had her hands clenched, and it wasn't going to end pretty either way. "Auntie, stop." Jaime said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Lynn turned around with a glare to him.

"Jaime, if you keep interrupting me." he shook his head, holding his hand out to her. Sometimes, you had to take a stand. 

"Seriously, stop. The girl's had enough for one day. Cut her some slack. I already lectured her, and now your going off won't help either. It's been one hell of a day for her, let's just ease off and veer onto another subject. I'll help clean this mess up, I'll strengthen the veil and everything, let's just take our leave for the moment." He was trying hard to reason with her, opening the door and motioning for them to go first and all. After a couple seconds of heated silence, Lynn nodded and walked through the door, everyone else followed except for Kelsi. 

"I'll catch up in a bit..." she told him, he shook his head, walking over to her. He put his hand on her shoulder and she looked him in the eyes. 

"I can't trust you in this room at the moment. Just come in here. No one will say anything. I got her to drop it. My aunt is a good woman." he told her. "A little over-protective sometimes, but a good person nonetheless. Come with me, and we'll get this sorted out." she nodded, walking through the doorway, he followed, closing it behind them. He followed her to the living room where Lynn and everyone else was already sitting down and talking. Alexandria went over to him as soon as possible. Kelsi veered off into the kitchen. 

"Is she going to be okay?" Alexandria asked, a little bit too loudly because everyone in the room heard her. Jaime shrugged. 

"She should be fine physically, but she might be a bit mentally...I don't want to say scarred but when I found her in the veil, she was terrified. Which is no surprise due to what the veil does to you. But all-in-all, if she listens to me and my aunt's advice, she'll be great." he told everyone, nodding with assurance. 

"So she was in the veil..." Lynn said, nodding slowly. Jaime licked his lips and yawned, then spoke again. 

"Yeah. She was. Right outside of The Black City. It had taken its effect hardcore on her. She was seeing things and paranoid. She didn't trust me." he explained, crossing his arms. 

"The place is poison for the mind." he nodded in agreement. Kelsi appeared in the doorway and everyone kind of stopped. 

"Oh don't stop. Continue talking about me like I'm not here." she said, an extra bit of sarcasm on it. Jaime laughed, he couldn't help it. 

"We wouldn't have to have any of this conversation if you would've read the books, or better yet, stayed away from it entirely. This stuff doesn't go away." he explained. "The veil has a taste of you now, it wants more and more. The hunger is never sated." she rolled her eyes. Jaime put his hand on her arm before she turned. "Hey! I'm trying to help you." he told her, letting go almost the instant he touched her. 

"Maybe I don't want help!" she shouted.

"Kelsi! Calm down right now!" Jaime jumped at the sound of Heather's voice. It was so demanding, yet full of concern. It was impressive. 

"No, dinna yell at her." Jaime said, turning around. Everyone looked at him skeptically, like he was crazy. Lynn just smiled a bit. "She has every right to be mad at me. I came in her home yelling and threatening her. She is just as scared as we are." he cleared his throat. "She didna do it out of spite, she did it out of curiosity, and there's nothing wrong with that." he explained to them. "Yes I seemed a bit angry, and so did my aunt, but we both have to keep in mind that we were beginners once as well, and that same curiosity bound us to the life we lead. We both just got worked up and worried, because this is our job. When things go bump in the night, we bump back, but it was wrong for me and my aunt to carry on the way we did, we let our job and knowledge of these things get ahead of us sometimes." he exhaled and rubbed his eyes. When he opened them again, everyone was staring at him, a fair amount impressed. "What?" he asked, shrugging. 

"Yer father would be proud of yeh Jaime." Lynn told him. He shrugged with a scoff, blushing a little bit. He searched for a topic in his mind and couldn't say anything to get him off of the spot, so he just walked over and sat down by Alexandria, swallowing hard and eyeing his aunt, who finally spoke up. "So, what do yeh do Heather?" she asked. Jaime let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. Alexandria giggled a bit.

"You do not like to be put on the spot do you?" she whispered to him, he rolled his eyes. 

"It's the whole anxiety thing. I can't do it for too long. I don't like being the center of attention." he told her, shrugging. "I work in the dark, it's where I like to stay." she rolled her eyes, laughing. 

"Nocturnal are we?" he shrugged. 

"Majority of the time at least." he replied, stretching. His phone vibrated and he checked it, Lynn stopped in the middle of the conversation to watch his reaction. "It's Marie. No worries." he said, staring at the phone but directing it to his aunt. She went back to talking. 

"Marie?" Alexandria asked, shocked and a bit too loudly. Lynn couldn't mask her scoffed and her sister smiled. 

"A bit jealous?" Kelsi asked, Alexandria turned red 

"Clay's girlfriend." he said to her, not paying any mind to her tone. "She texted me." he clarified, yawning as his fingers rushed across the screen to reply. 

"What does she want?" Lynn asked him, placing her hands on her hips. 

"That remains to be seen..." his eyes were still focused on the screen. "...Oh nothing. Asking me if my New Year's was good so far." he looked over to Alexandria who just laughed. "I respond with, pretty good." He voiced his actions, smiling the entire the time. 

"So where do you work at?" Heather asked Lynn. Jaime's aunt licked her lips and then answered. 

"I work at the library." she answered. 

"Really?" Heather was impressed. Not expecting that. Lynn nodded. 

"Yeah, I work the shift right before graveyard." she joked. "I have today off because New Year's."

Jaime ignored their conversation, focusing on his phone. She texted him back. I bet ; ) rolling his eyes and smirking he replied to her How was yours? hoping for a good reply. 

"Jaime?" Lynn asked him, his head looked up and met her eyes. 

"Mmm?" she laughed. 

"When did you find Theresa's books?" she asked him, he shrugged uneasily at the mention of his mother's name. 

 "Sixth grade I'm pretty sure. I needed something to read because Harry Potter and Tolkein had all been read. So I saw just these huge books." he used his hands to gesture at the size. "Figuring that they would last me a while, I grabbed one. Sitting down in the cafeteria in school, I opened the cover and there was a note from mom. I about had a panic attack on the spot." he laughed. "I was like for me? My mom? Because in sixth grade, hell even now. Auntie never really talks about her." he nodded to his aunt, so she knew he wasn't trying to insult her. "So I mean, I've heard of my mother here and there, especially when I would mess something up. 'Theresa, I'm really trying for you.'" he imitated her, scoffing afterward. "But I saw it, and I got hype, I was like 'YES!' Like it was everything I could do not to jump up and shout." Lynn smiled. "But yeah, sixth grade." 

"Thank you." he looked back down at his phone, much to Alexandria's dismay. Marie had replied to him. Her response was pretty much what Jaime was hoping for. 

Before or after I left the house? He laughed. He replied with either or. While he was waiting on her to reply, he started playing with the candle beside him. Waving his hand around it and tapping his fingers on the flame. His phone dinged again, when he went to answer it, he realized everyone was staring at him. "What?" he asked them. Lynn scoffed and everyone else shrugged. He looked at his phone and read her text. Before I left the house, I was still scared from the giant wolf thing, after I left, Clay remedied my fears in a very...productive way. Jaime laughed out loud. Causing everyone to look at him. 

"Something funny?" Kelsi asked him, he nodded. 

"More so then you would think." he stood up and walking to Kelsi's door. He stopped and looked at his hands. "Auntie, I need a tattoo." he told her, looking over his shoulder. 

"And what would that be?" she asked him, unconvinced. 

"The Perfect Red King." he told her, opening the door slowly and looking around. 

"Why do you need that?" she asked him. 

"Well, you see the problem is I'm not a shaman, and I dinna know where to find one, and even if I did, good luck finding a farseer. Plus, it's kind of dangerous to open up a path through the veil. If I had that, I scan limbo for a demon or demons with ease." he told her as he entered the room.

"Where would you put it?" she asked him. 

"On my hands." he answered, drawing the circle to seal the veil. "Kelsi, I need you." he called. 

"What are you doing?" she asked him. 

"Strengthening the veil. Come here. It's not going to hurt." he told her. She reluctantly walked over to him and knelt down beside him. "Okay. Alexandria, can you retrieve a kitchen knife, please." Lynn watched the older girl go retrieve the knife. She came back from the kitchen a couple moments later and handed it to Jaime. 

"I thought you said it wasn't going to hurt." Kelsi protested to him. He shrugged. 

"It's only your left ear, don't worry." he said quickly, raising the knife. She recoiled in horror, falling on her back. 

"I'll be damned too!" he laughed. 

"No amputations necessary. I just need some blood from your hand." shakily, she held out his hand. He took it with his right hand and pushed the blade against the cut, she let out a pained breath and it was over. "Take that and put it in the center of the circle, and I'll do the rest." he nodded assuring her that it would be okay. He didn't want to scare her anymore. She planted her hand in the center of the circle and removed it almost as soon as she put it there. "Thank you." he told her, handing her the knife. She took it and scurried out. "Claudo." the word was firm. There was a wooshing noise and a hiss. Smirking, Jaime popped his neck. Looks like he'd have to step into limbo. 
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Hey guys, everyone go over here, give this a read and please repost it. It really is for the greater good here.

 Dear deviantART: Justice for Liz

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Alexandria walked into her house and Jaime was right behind her. "There you are!" her mother said, rushing over to her. She was a middle-aged brunette. She had a blue sweater and grey pants on. Jaime just kind of stood there, waiting for someone to ask what he was doing. It wouldn't be long now.

"Who is your friend?" her dad asked, skeptically. He was also middle age but pretty buff. He had an army shirt on. 

"I'm Jaime MacKenzie-O'Maille. I'm here about Kelsi." he explained. 

"How much do you know?" her mother asked him, immediately. 

"How much do you want me to tell you what I think happened, because you probably won't like it." he stated, looking at the books in Alexandria's hands. 

"All you know and you think you know." her dad said immediately. 

"Okay, first off, let's get to a first name basis. I'm Jaime, that's Alexandria. You two are the parents. Names please?" he asked. 

"I'm Heather." the woman told him, he nodded, then looking to the father. 

"I'm Robert." Jaime nodded again. 

"I wish our first meeting could be on better circumstances, but alas, it usually doesna go that way with me. Show me where the symbol was please." he said. Heather motioned to him and he followed. Robert and Alexandria were in tow with him. She led him through the living room, down a hallway on the left. There were three ways. One in front was a bath. The left was Alexandria's room and the right was Kelsi's. At least he assumed. Heather opened the door and Jaime's jaw dropped. The entire room was full of wards, evocation circles and triskelions and everything. Holy shit...He rubbed his face and exhaled. "This...This is not good." he told them.

"How bad is it?" Robert asked. "We thought it was just a phase..." 

"And rightly so, yet all phases must need some caution. She didn't know what she was doing. Never, ever, evoke inside of your circle of protection." He said, kneeling down to the most recent circle. The one he saw in the picture. He exhaled, seeing his breath. It was cold, and there was a fair amount of shadow. Was the veil still weak? Maybe. She had a lot of stuff in here. Like every occultist's dream. Not Jaime's. He saw dots of red around the circle. Then he turned, seeing a red paper towel. "No." he said, almost running over to it. He unfurled the paper towel to reveal an athame. "No, no, no." he repeated, holding it up. She used blood magic?! 

"Is that blood?" Alexandria asked. 

"She is going to get herself and other people killed. Using blood magic to evoke something from the veil and the circles are within each other and just..." he paused, running his hand down his face and exhaling. Easy Jaime. If you panic, they're going to 

"Is everything okay?" Robert asked him. Jaime looked over to them and shrugged. 

"At first glance no, she obviously didn't know what she was doing. Get me a clean knife." he said. Looking up to them, they looked at him confused. "Please." he said. Alexandria sat the books on the bed beside him, then walked to hopefully get him one. 

"So are you an expert in this kind of stuff?" Robert asked him. 

"Yes. Well, kind of." he answered. "I know more than she did, but there are definitely people better than me." he told them. 

"Jaime, that's not what they want to hear." Alexandria told him, handing him a knife by the hilt. He grabbed the blade carefully and then put the hilt in his hand. "He doesn't take praise very well. He's modest. He's really good, don't let him tell you otherwise." she said to her parents. 

"Okay, first off. If you're queasy, you might want to leave. Secondly, if you're frightened easily you might want to leave." he told them. 

"We aren't leaving the room." Heather told him. He nodded. 

"Well get comfortable then, when I draw the circle, you have to stay in it." he said, pulling out his brimstone and drawing a circle at their feet. "Okay step out for one brief second." they did and he drew the star and a couple runes in there just to be safe. "Alright, everyone in." they stepped across it one last time. He placed the brimstone back in his pocket and grabbed the knife. "Open sesame..." he mumbled, cutting across his palm where there was already a visible scar. He placed the knife on the paper towel. He looked down and there was a bit of blood. "Good. Now, here's the easy part..." he mumbled, waving his hand forward, the blood smeared on something. It was like there was an invisible door there all along. "And we're in. Okay. I should be back with Kelsi in a couple of hours." he explained. 

"HOURS?!" Robert shouted. 

"Yes. Hours." Jaime told him. "The time waves are blurred in the veil and hell. I'll only be there for what seems like minutes." he explained

"Is she in hell?" Alexandria asked. 

"I have no clue." Jaime answered. "I'm checking the veil first though. It's easier to escape." he told her, pulling the "door" open by drawing the hand with the cut back. The blood then enveloped the entire way and it turned from red to black and there was a burst of wind and cold. Jaime stepped back. He exhaled and jumped through it. He ended up in the veil. "Yeah, figured so." he said looking around. 

The Veil was tricky. It was unstable due to events that happened almost a millennium ago. It was cold, dark and ever shifting and changing. At the heart of the veil lies The Black City. Or at least that's what the books started calling it after the seventh century. No one had ever come out alive, which was funny because there were plenty of books about it. He expected her to be on the way to The Black City because it was pretty much the only landmark in this godforsaken place. Rarely you'd see a hill or a mountain. Even rarer, a tree. No matter which way you approached the city, you'd end up in front of its gates, so that gave him some hope that she wasn't gone. He started for it, listening for other things that lurked here as well. While it shifted, so did other things. The shadows moved and deceived you. And oh how they loved to. Jaime was scared, but he couldn't let it show. They'd feed off of it. Wraiths loved it here, so did ghosts. "It's like Casper's playground..." Jaime mumbled to himself as he moved through. The city was closer now. He heard a scream, and started running. This could be deception or it could be real...damned if you, damned if you don't... This was one of those all or nothing moments for Jaime. 

He approached the gate and saw the girl, Kelsi. She was curled into a ball beside the entrance. He walked over to her and knelt down. Tapping her knee. "Oi!" he said. She looked up at him, her face completely terrified. "Hey..." he said to her. "Are you okay?" he asked. 

"You're not real, just another illusion..." she mumbled. He sighed. She's already had the veil's influence get to her. Terrified, yet not lost. 

"No, I'm very much real." he assured her. I've come to get you out of here." he told her. 

"There's no way out..." she said, lowly. 

"There is." he put a hand on her shoulder. She swatted it off. "There's a way out. I know how to get out. Your parents and sister are waiting on you." he told her. She shook her head. "They are. I just talked to them." he told her. 

"What are there names then. Prove to me your real." she said to him. 

"Your mother's name is Heather, your dad's name is Robert, your sister's name is Alexandria Marie Eldridge." he said. She looked up to him again, he had out to her. "Let's get out of here." he smiled. She nodded quickly and took it and he pulled her up. 

"How do we get out?" she asked him. 

"Keep The Black City to your back no matter what." he told her. She nodded as they started walking away from the city. 

"Are they mad at me?" she asked him. He shrugged. 

"They're worried sick. They dinna understand enough to really be angry." he told her. 

"And you?" she asked him. 

"I have no say on this matter. I'm the rescuer." he told her as they walked across the barren plain. She looked to the right and saw the city again and Jaime promptly stepped to the right so his back was to it, he grabbed her and pulled her over beside him. 

"How did it do that?" she asked him. 

"The veil changes and shifts, the things in it as well. The Black City always lies at the heart of the veil." he explained to her. 

"Why is that?" she asked him. 

"Cataclysm." was his only answer. "Why did you scream earlier?" he asked. 

"There were things. Ghosts and monsters, they were chasing me but they retreated right when you showed up." she told him, he nodded. 

"That's not good. They're regrouping." he said, catching something darting from one shadow to another. "They're upon us." he said. She started looking around. He put a hand on her arm. "Don't look around. You'll never see them. Just keep walking. Don't do anything else unless I say it." he told her. She nodded.

A couple more shadows moved. Something hissed, she jumped, Jaime kept her moving forward. Finally the portal was in sight. "The way out!" she shouted. 

"Go, run. I'll hold them back." he told her, turning his back to the portal but moving backwards. The fiends were in sight. It was a couple ghosts, a wraith, and an animal of some sort. Didn't matter, he wouldn't be here long enough to learn any of their names. He looked at his hand, the blood had mostly dried up, time to fix that. He pulled the wound open again and waved it on the ground, raised it up and a bloody pillar followed. He placed his hand in the center and a very bright light emerged. From there he turned and broke into a run. Jaime smirked. You can find light in the darkest places, sometimes it has to be made, other times, found. She was through the portal, waiting for him. He dove through and immediately shut it with his bloody hand, this time waving it left and closing it. He sat down and exhaled. Everyone was looking at him, he smirked and pointed to Kelsi. "Tadaa..." a couple of them laughed. 

"So. That's two girls saved in two days. I'm on a streak." he smiled, standing up. 

"You saved her." Heather rushed over and hugged him, he scoffed. 

"It's nothing." he told her, shrugging. 

"Quit being modest." she told him. 

Kelsi looked at him and smiled. "Thank you." she hugged him. He shrugged. 

Holding her out at arms length, he looked her in eyes, dead serious. "Okay. I wasna going to say anything. But now, I'm kind of bound to." She exhaled. "No more magic." he said. "You dinna know what you're doing." he told her. 

"Yes I do." she argued. 

"No you don't." he told her. 

"Prove it to me." she snapped.

"Okay, done." he said, letting her go. He grabbed the athame, and placed it in her evocation circle. "That proves everything. An athame, an evocation circle and a circle of protection." he told her. 

"That doesn't mean anything!" she shouted. 

"Your evocation circle is within your circle of protection. Why?" he asked. "You're supposed to draw two separate circles. One for you, and then the other for whatever you're evoking. You should never evoke anything in your own house either. Plus, blood magic? What the hell are you thinking?!" he asked through gritted teeth. 

"I'm pretty sure you used it too." she retorted. 

"Aye, I did. I managed to hold the portal open the entire time I was in there, and I managed to conjure a spell up with it. You used it to evoke something and you already had a circle that was going to do it. Plus, all of your circles are shaky and basic for what you're trying to do. Dinna argue with me. This stuff isn't for fun. It's life or death, and you're going to kill yourself and a lot of people at this rate. If you don't end it, and you keep it up. I will seal you. That means no magic, ever again. I know how to do it, and I will do it to protect people." he walked out of the room, he had said enough and left it there. 
The Veil
The next chapter of Jaime and Alexandria

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Jaime woke the next morning. He popped his neck and stretched, and quickly brought his arms back down to his right side, there was medical tape there. Lynn wrapped him up last night. "I forgot about you." he said, referring to his cracked ribs. Lynn could fix just about any ailment if given the right supplies. She was a medical assistant in a hospital for a while. She had done everything from broken bones to delivering children. Even a couple gunshots here and there. She saw the ER more than anywhere else in the hospital. Lynn had always joked that she pretty much was the doctor. "Doctor MacKenzie did a good job aye?" he said to himself as he stood and the pain hit him again. He groaned. "Yeah, she did." he smiled as he got dressed. He came down the stairs and turned to his left going to the living room. She was sitting down reading a magazine. Looking up at him and smiling, he felt a smile creep across his face. 

"How's the ribs?" she asked him. He shrugged. 

"Good shape. Thank you." he said. She chuckled. 

"It's my job." she told him. "As yers is to go out and get broken ribs for me to fix." he swatted his arm. 

"They're cracked, not broken." he corrected. 

"Does it hurt?" she asked him, her voice borderline satirical. 

"Yeah." he answered. 

"Point in case." she pointed. "I fix boo-boos. Have done it since yeh were a lad." He laughed. 

"Good to know I'm in good hands." he told her. 

"The very best." she told him. 

"So last night, you remarked on how you couldn't believe you let me go out and do what I do. Why do you let me?" he asked her. "If it worries you that much, I mean why not just say no?" he inquired. She couldn't help but smile. 

"Jaime. Yer very resourceful. Ye would do it even if I said no. Yeh want to help people, yeh get that and yer brains both sides. I'd rather just let yeh do it and patch yeh up later than yeh stumble in all bloody and me not know what happened, also, Theresa would want this fer yeh. She wrote those books fer yeh. Ye discovered that two years ago. Now look at ye. Yeh've a better understanding of this than anyone I've met that's still alive. Just be careful please." he nodded. 

"I know I know." he told her. 

"No yeh dinna." she finished it. He wasn't going to push it. "So, that lass." he rolled his eyes. He knew where this was going. "Is she a possible pick?" she asked asked him.

"Possibly." he answered. She smiled. He scoffed, smiling and shaking his head. 

"Yer just like yer dad when it comes to girls." he laughed. "Dougal was so afraid that Theresa was going to say 'no'. I was there when he proposed. Hell the entire family was. O'Maille and MacKenzie. It was tense." Jaime smiled, sitting down and listening. "Dougal had the ring out, and Calum was beside him, looking at him and joking around. The door made a noise, and he quickly put it away. Theresa walked in, arms full of groceries. She kissed him, exchanged words with Calum, and nervously remarked about both families being in one house. She walked into the kitchen." she paused, smiling. "She sat the groceries on the table, pulled out the bag of meat to go in the freezer and when she turned around, he was there, on one knee. She dropped the bag and kind of stumbled backwards. Tears were in her eyes. It was the most shaky speech ever." she laughed. 

"What did he say?" Jaime asked, grinning. 

"His exact words were-'Well shite, I had this entire speech planned out, but my mind just got fecked, so bear with me. Theresa MacKenzie, yer the most beautiful lass I've ever seen, and uh, well uh, I wouldn't mind spendin' the rest of me life with yeh. That is if yer up for it." Jaime laughed. 

"That is great." Jaime said. "Propose to the one woman you want to spend the rest of your life with and you start it with 'well shite' brilliant." him and Lynn both started laughed. 

"Yeah, I know." Lynne jested. "Theresa went to say it but her voice had disappeared. So she just nodded and kissed him. The following cheer was heard three blocks down." he laughed. "They were married March 22nd, and then a couple weeks later she announced she was pregnant with you. Then six months after that Dougal died." Jaime nodded solemnly "It was Dougal, Aidan, and Alaina. Died in what was known as an animal attack. It was a pack of ghouls. The only way I know that is because Theresa, Ewan, Calum, and I went searching for whatever it was. Found them, and killed them." Jaime nodded. 

"Has our family always been into the occult and stuff?" he asked her. She nodded. 

"Aye. It has." she answered. "So I guess it's only normal that you pick up after us." she shrugged. Jaime realized, she said 'you' correctly.

"Then you should be more lenient." he joked. She didn't laugh. He shrugged. There was a knock at the door. He turned and walked over to it. Opening it. It was Alexandria. She had a forearm splint on her left arm. "Damn..." he cursed quietly. She waved with her hurt arm. He opened it. 

"Who is it Jaime?" she asked. 

"It's me." she said nervously, peaking her head into the house and waving. Lynn waved back, smiling. 

"What are you doing here?" Jaime asked her. 

"Jaime!" his aunt shouted. 

"How else do you want me to word it?" he asked, turning his attention to the already laughing Alexandria.

"I need to talk to you about something." she told him. He looked at her skeptically. 

"Okay. My room is always good." he looked nervously over to Lynn who nodded approvingly. 

"Lead the way please." she said, he nodded, walking to where the stairs were, she followed. When they got there, he motioned for her to go first, and she did. He followed her. "Which room?" she asked, pointing at the three doors. 

"The one on the right is my personal library, the middle is a bathroom, and the one on the left is my humble abode." she chuckled and walked into his room, he closed the door behind him, and walked across the room to a chair that he sat in front of the bed. He motioned to her that she could have the bed. She sat down on it, and he sat down on the chair. "So what's up?" he asked her. She immediately kissed him again and sat back down. "You know, the more and more you do that, the fonder I become of you." he said, satirically, wiping his mouth. 

"You saved my life." she shrugged. He scoffed. 

"It's really nothing, honestly." he told her. 

"Why do you just play it off? You saved twenty lives last night, especially a dumb girl who couldn't get out of the fucking way." he shrugged. 

"I specialize in saving dumb girls that don't know how to get out of the fucking way." he told her. "What's up with your arm?" he asked her. "Did I do that?" he huffed. 

"I blame the wolf." he nodded. "Are you hurt?" she asked him. 

"It's nothing." he told her, stretching and then quickly coming back down, let out a grunt. 

She scoffed. "Nothing, right." she said. He rolled his eyes and removed his shirt, showing her that his entire torso was pretty much wrapped. She covered her mouth in disbelief. "Oh my god..." she touched a bandage with the tip of her finger and he inhaled loudly, and grimaced and she jumped back. He started laughing. She scoffed. "Oh fuck you." she said. 

"You're jumpy." he told her. 

"Yeah, well considering what I've been through here recently." she looked at him with a faked scorned look. He laughed. 

"Sorry." he told her. "I try to minimize casualties and I try to do it out of sight. Sometimes, I don't have a choice with my audience like last night." he told her. 

"How long have you done this?" she asked him. 

"This March will be a year and a half." he told her. "I found my mom's grimoires, or well books in sixth grade. I've went through more than half of that library. I'm well-versed in it, although I haven't had a chance to put more than half of my knowledge to the test. That's the third werewolf I've ever killed. I mostly deal with ghosts, exorcisms, and demonology." he told her. "The whole exorcist film? That shit happens. I've seen it." she raised her eyebrows. 

"What all can you do?" she asked him. 

"I can't manipulate solid matter. That's about it. I can manipulate fire. I can travel between the four planes of existence, I can-" she held up her hand.

"Four planes of existence?" she asked him. He nodded. 

"The veil. Heaven, Hell, and here." he told her.

"What's the veil?" she asked. 

"Alright, the veil. That's where all of the ghosts, poltergeists, wraiths and other shit that is invisible to our eyes, stay. It has many names, Limbo, shadow world, all that stuff. Now while it sounds like a real shithole, there are benevolent spirits there as well. Just good luck finding one. It's cold, it's dark, and everything knows where you are but you don't know where anything is." he explained. 

"What is in the veil then that's so worth going there?" she asked him. 

"The only thing that I've seen of measure in the veil is the Black City." he told her. 

"What's so special about that?" she laid down on the bed, looking to the ceiling. 

"From what I've managed to gather, it was the last stand of The Seven. They were an order of wizards in the middle ages that were trying to find the ability to subjugate a spirit and bend its will to their own so they could have its power. So they went to the veil, built that, and then died due to being overrun. Reaching it is harder every time." he explained. 

"How so?" she propped herself up on her elbow. 

"Don't worry about it. Subject for later. Anyway, how are you holding up?" he asked her, she shrugged. He rolled his eyes at that. "Verbal answer please." he said. 

"I'm fine. I'm just worried about everyone else." she told him. 

"Welcome to me every day of my life." he said, rolling his eyes and standing up. 

"Are you okay?" she asked him. 

"I feel like I got smacked in the chest with a sledgehammer at full force. Other than that, I'm great. No casualties, no injuries." she tilted her head. 

"You're ribs are cracked." she reminded him. 

"The other party." he told her, stretching again, and again recoiling in pain. 

"The wolf is dead." unconvinced, then scoffing. 

"The other other party." He stretched again, and no luck, more pain. 

"I have a forearm splint." she joked. 

"The big group of people!" he said loudly standing up, making her laugh. He smiled, shaking his head. Sitting back down, he noticed she watched his every movement. 

"You're very sweet you know that?" she asked him, he shrugged. 

"I don't see how, I don't do much." he told her, shrugging. 

"Jaime. You killed a fucking werewolf!" she told him, and he nodded. 

"I did. There are bigger things out there." he told her, his voice almost cautionary. 

"There are?" she asked. He nodded. 

"Yeah. Vampires, witches, warlocks, blood mages, necromancers. If you can find it in 'fiction' it probably exists." he told her. Dinna forget the angels and demons he scoffed as the thought crossed his mind.

"Angels and demons?" she asked him. 

"All too real." her eyes widened. 

"Can you teach me how to fight them?" she asked. He shook his head almost immediately. 

"No. Can't do it." he told her. 

"Why not?" she asked. He continued shaking his head as he stood up and walked to the doorway. 

"Because, I'm not going to be the reason you get into this. You need a better reason than me. Once you get in, you dinna get out." he warned. "I'm being serious. Ever since I read the first book my mother left me in sixth grade, life has changed almost completely. You start looking at things differently and have a new air of paranoia about you." She turned to face him, shrugging. 

"So? Look at you, you're fast on your feet, you think quicker, you have a solution for almost anything. I don't see why-" he stopped her. 

"Yeah. I'm fast because I have to be faster and I have to think quicker than whatever I'm facing. If I'm not, and if I dinna manage to come up with a solution for anything, people die my lady. I canna let that happen." he explained, almost angered. He wouldn't be angry at her, she had a right to question him. Patience Jaime. She doesna understand you completely. You saved her life, her affection ends there He reminded himself.

"I'm...sorry if I angered you." she told him. He shook his head. 

"You didna. I just don't want you leaping into something you dinna fully understand." Do I fully understand what's out there actually now that this is up?

"Jaime, do you even fully understand what's out there?" she asked him. Well shite

"I have a better understanding than most people." she scoffed at his reply. He heard something vibrate. Her phone. She pulled it out of her pocket and checked to see what it was. Her eyebrows raised a bit. "Everything okay?" he asked. 

"I think so. Mom asked where I was. I told her I was visiting the MacKenzie's house..." she unlocked her phone and texted back. Jaime studied her body language and waited for her next reaction to the text that followed her reply. They waited together in a not-too-uncomfortable silence. He rather enjoyed it. Finally, it vibrated again. "Jaime..." he tilted his head, worried now. "...What does this mean?" she showed him an evocation circle. Shaky as hell. He snatched the phone from her and looked at it. 

"Do you have any younger siblings?" he asked. 

"Kelsi. She's two years younger than me. Into the occult stuff. I always thought it was just bs. But after-" he stopped her. 

"Where is Kelsi?" he asked her. Worried. 

"Not in the house." Alexandria told him. "Why?" 

"Does her mother know where she is?" Jaime asked, very worried. 

"No, that's what this is about." Jaime handed her the phone almost immediately. 

"Yeah, we need to go now." he said, walking over to his dresser and searching for some jeans. He found some and quickly changed into them, she wasn't paying attention, only staring at the circle. 

"What does the circle mean?" she asked. 

"Evocation. She tried to call a spirit from the great beyond, or the veil, or somewhere. It's basic and it's shaky. Which explains why she's missing." he said, pulling off his shirt and putting on a longsleeve one. Finally he turned to her. "Jacket please." she handed it to him, he put it on. Then he was out the door and into his library. She followed. He looked for two books. "Exorcism and evocation...Aha!" he pulled the two books from the shelf. "Carry these." he said as he checked his jacket pocket for his brimstone. It was there. "Downstairs, go now." he said. She went and he followed her. They got downstairs and Lynn saw she had Theresa's books and immediately said something to them.

"Where yeh going with those?" she asked. 

"Her sister is into the occult, thinking it is cool. She got snatched I'm fairly certain." Jaime told his aunt. 

"Yer noot evan fully recovered Jaime!" she shouted. 

"I don't see you going to get her then." Jaime pressed. "If I don't do it, she's stuck in the veil. If she's stuck in the veil, we know where she's going, and if she gets there, we will never get her back. So it's either me or she's dead." he finally finished. 

"Jaime..." He snapped his head to her as he finished putting a boot on. "...Yeh canna help everyone. Yer a hero in my book but-" Jaime stopped her right there.

"That's what I do though. I help people. And if I'm a hero, what's that say if I let someone die if there's a chance I can stop it. I canna let her die just because you dinna want me to get hurt." he said. 

"Yer such an O'Maille." she smiled. Jaime shook his head as he put his other boot on. 

"Let's hope that the MacKenzie starts showing out soon, you've said that three days in a row now." he told her. 

"Yer MacKenzie always shows, yeh look just like Theresa." He shrugged. 

"Momma knows best." he said. Lynn scoffed.

"Look, just...Please be careful." she told him, walking over to him. 

"Always am." he told her, smiling. 

"Yet I always find meself patching you up." she hugged him. He returned it. "Find her, bring her home, scold her good." Lynn pointed to Alexandria on the last part. She smiled. 

"Yes ma'am." he answered, opening the door and letting Alexandria out first. "I love you auntie." he said on his way out. 

"I love you too boy." she answered, watching him leave. She smiled at him. He looked so much like his mother, yet it seemed like Dougal had forced his personality on the boy. 
No rest
This is the chapter following the New Years one. I'll put them all in order when I get more up eventually.

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Jaime popped his neck, looking at his bouquet and box of, what kind of candy was it? Damn He cursed his nervous and forgetful memory. He stood at the door, well he had been standing at the door for a couple minutes. "Will she even like this?" he asked himself. "Of course she'll like it, they're dahlia's. Or was it dandelions? Fuck..." He dropped his head. "Well, just like everything else, this is going to go one of two ways, let's find out which way we have to pull..." he mumbled, holding tightly onto the box with his arm while he reached for his phone. It read 1:30. "Yep. Showtime, smile O'Maille." he said, putting the phone back and then knocking on the door with his head because both of his hands were occupied. A bedraggled Alexandria opened the door and he couldn't help but laugh at her surprised expression. She was not properly dressed for a date, but she still looked amazing to him. Her brown hair was all messy, not sticking up but it hadn't been brushed or picked or anything. She had a Reservoir Dogs shirt on, it had the people walking down the street in black and white. Hisshirt but he let her get away with it, she also had black yoga pants on. 

"Jaime!" she said, surprised. 

"Alexandria." he said, looking her up and down approvingly. She shook her head, blushing. 

"I'm not even ready! Look at me! I'm horrendous! I don't have any makeup on, my hair's not done, hell I don't even have a bra on!" she said to him. 

He held out the flowers, she took them and looked at them inquisitively. He pulled the price tag off of it. Then he handed her the box of candy whose name he forgot, then he leaned in and kissed her. "Should make it easier for me then." he said, smiling, walking in and kicking his shoes off. 

"Make it easier-You clever bastard..." she mumbled, looking at the two gifts she was presented with, not able to stop the smile that slowly crept across her face. She turned and he was beside her with a heart-shaped vase. The vase was in the middle but two handles came out from both sides and curving back down to the base, forming a heart shape. "Where'd you get that?" she asked him. 

"A couple days ago, asked your mom to hide it." he said as she pulled the plastic off of the flowers and placed them in the vase. "Couldn't find a heart shaped box, figured a vase would have to suffice." he told her, leaving her side once more and placing it on the table in the living room. She shook her head and smiled. He turned and looked at her, holding his arms out like he was about to shrug. "Now I hope you have something because I am shit out of ideas." he told with a worried expression. She laughed and walked over, pushing him back on the couch. "I like where this is going." he said, she sat down beside him. "Well shit." he said, she laughed again as he put his arm around her and she grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. She placed the remote on Jaime's lap and then she reached for the controller and turned the Playstation three on, it made the intro hum as she picked her profile. "Faerlina?" Jaime asked, scoffing. She laughed. 

"It wasn't taken." she said, scrolling to the far right and it showed her profile and her quote popped up. "Slay them in the Master's name" she said, he laughed again, as she scrolled back to the left and picked Netflix. "What are you in the mood for?" she asked him, she felt him shrug. 

"Whatever you're feeling." he told her, she laughed. Don't say romance. He prayed.

"Romance?" she asked. Fuck

"No." he said. 

"I'm feeling it, we're watching 'Dear John' because it's supposed to be good." She saw Jaime drop his head. This should be just great! He thought to himself. She pulled up the search and typed it in, they didn't have it.Thank you Jesus! He exhaled a sigh of relief, she elbowed him playfully. "Well damn." she told him. "I know, Human centipede!" she shouted. Christ! Okay I HAVE to say something about that.

"Yeah no. I've seen that once with...with Clay and I vowed never again." he told her. 

"Disturbing?" she asked him jokingly.

"The thought of someone forcibly pooping in another's mouth just..." he made a fake gagging noise. She laughed. "Have you seen it?" he asked her, she nodded. "Why would you ever want to watch it again?" he asked her. "It's like one of those movies that's good every like, two decades, maybe not even then." he said, causing her to laugh even more. 

"Okay fine. No human centipede. How about..." she stopped to think. 

"Arrow." Jaime said, she shook her head. He dropped his, then raised it again. "American Horror Story!" she laughed. 

"Jaime that was our first date." she told him. 

"Technically, our first date was where I saved you from the werewolf." he told her. 

"No. That was when we first met." she told him. 

"Still got a kiss, two actually." he told her. She shook her head, blushing. "Justice League?" he asked her. 

"Unlimited or original?" she asked him. "I like both." 

"Same." he said. "Have you watched Young Justice?" she nodded, disappointed. 

"Yeah, they only have one season up though and I'm done with it." she told him. 

"Same." he agreed. "Silence of the lambs?" he asked. She nodded. 

"Silence of the lambs it is." she agreed. 

"It rubs the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again..." Jaime whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek afterward. 

"Yep, not doing that." she told him. He laughed. She turned off the playstation and TV. 

"Gotta plan my lady?" he asked her, looking over to her. She shrugged and stood up and grabbed onto his hand and pulled him. He then followed to where she was leading him. They went through the house and right before they reached the kitchen she made a hard right into another doorway. To their right was the laundry room, and to their left was a wooden door. "The basement?" he asked, she nodded and opened it, leading him down the stairs into the large concrete room. Bringing him out into the open area, she let go and put her hands on his shoulders and pushed down a bit, telling him to stay there. "What exactly are we doing?" he asked her. She walked over and put her phone in the ihome and turned on a song. Jaime recognized it. "Hallelujah?" he asked. "Bon Jovi's cover." she nodded, walking back over in front of him. "What happened to 'Jaime I don't dance'?" he asked her. She shrugged and held her hand out. He took it and placed his other hand on her waist. Oh god, do I even remember how to do this? He asked himself.

"Isn't that hand supposed to be on my shoulder?" she asked him, finally breaking her silence. He scoffed. Actually, it should be a bit lower. 

"You question my ability?" he asked her, jokingly. Then to prove he could do it, he stepped to the side, she followed and he pulled at her waist and pushed at her hand, turning them to his right. "Good enough?" he asked. She nodded, laughing, still following his lead. 

They stood there and danced until the song ended. She stopped and looked into his eyes. He smiled, causing her to scoff. He shook his head, maintaining his smile. She broke their contact and went over to her phone, picking another song. "Requests?" she asked him. 

"My Immortal." he said. 

"Evanescence." she said approvingly, putting it on and walking back over to him, offering her hand once more, and they started. So I get her flowers and a box of some type of candy, and she makes me dance. This is a very one-sided valentines day He thought to himself as they stepped to the left and he turned her.

They continued the dance for the song's entire duration. He thought he heard a door open, but he guessed it was just the dog going through its door. He went to turn her again. "So pushy." she remarked, but followed his lead nonetheless. 

"Would you have me any other way?" he asked her. She giggled as they turned once more. 

Right at the last chorus, he raised her hand up and she spun, smiling. When she came back to him, he dipped her and followed, looking down at her, she smiled and moved her arm from his shoulder to the back of his head and pulled herself up into a kiss. There was a camera click and then a flash and they both went back up, turning immediately to where it originated from. Alexandria's parents were in the basement, by the stairwell. Heather had a camera and Robert had a video camera. He turned it off, then laughed and went back upstairs, her mother stood there for a second, smiling at them. Jaime rubbed his face, trying to conceal his smile. "I look horrible, why would you guys do this?" she asked her mom, jokingly. 

"I thought it was adorable. Whose idea was it?" she asked. 

"The dancing? Hers entirely." Jaime said, pointing to her. Her jaw dropped as she turned to him. "What?" he asked. 

"Don't act like you didn't have fun." she pointed to him. 

"My lady, I just said it was your idea, never said I didna have fun." walking past her and her mother, going up the stairs.

Her mother looked at her with a giant smirk. "He's-"

"Do not even say it." smiling as Alexandria walked to the stairs. 

"He's a keeper." She called out to her daughter. 

"Yeah yeah." the door closing made her mother laugh as she started up the stairs. 

As everyone came upstairs, Jaime was putting his shoes on. "Going somewhere Jaime?" Heather asked him. 

"I have to do a couple things for my aunt because Valentines day, I'll be back." he told her. 

"Why don't you invite your aunt over for dinner today? It's valentines day." she said. Jaime shrugged, smiling. He did like the idea. She probably won't agree to it but okay. 

"I'll see what she says. Your husband is beckoning you." he pointed to Robert who was waving his arm to her. She nodded.

"Okay, well goodbye Jaime." she said, taking her leave of him and going to their bedroom and closing the door. Alexandria rounded the corner next. 

"Leaving me?" she asked. 

"Auntie Lynn needs some spoiling. Then I'll be back here for dinner. Your mother suggested I invite her over." Alexandria scoffed. 

"She thinks it will work?" Jaime shrugged. 

"You never know with my aunt." he grabbed the doorknob. "Oh, since I gave you candy, flowers, and danced with you, can I have my shirt back?" he asked. She looked at the shirt and smiled. 

"But I like this one." she said.

"I do too, that's why I bought it." he told her. 

"Fine, you can have it." she told him. 

"Please give it to me." he said to her, she looked down, confused and then smiled, and made eye contact with him. 

"You're a clever son-of-a-bitch." she told him, removing it, revealing her naked upper body. He kept eye contact with her as she handed it over.

"Thank you..." he stole a couple looks at her chest.

She rolled her eyes and pushed her chest out and put her hands to her sides. "Proud of yourself?" she asked him, He scoffed, looking at her naked torso. 

"Tell me, is your skin always porcelain colored or do you work for it?" he asked her, taking her hand and putting it where her cleavage was. There wasn't a color difference. The only thing that was different in color were her navy blue eyes and pink nipples. She crossed her arms and blushed at his remark. 

"You are pushing your luck. And to answer your question, I couldn't tan if I tried." she crossed her arms, blocking her chest. 

"And one more thing before I leave, I'm an O'Maille as well." he told her, opening the door and then closing it behind him. 

She turned and went to her room for another shirt, not before bending down and picking up the box of candy he left her. She opened it and there was a note on the other side. "Mo nig-hane don?" she read out loud, probably butchering the translation, she put the lid back on it and took it into her room, sitting it on the bed, she grabbed her tablet and went to google. She checked the spelling and typed it in. "Oh, that's how it's pronounced..." she said to herself, slightly embarrassed. "Mo knee-in down." not perfect. She thought to herself. She repeated it for a while. "What does it mean?" she asked herself out loud, looking up the translation. "My brown haired lass? Oh, he's definitely a keeper." she mumbled to herself. Playing the words over in her head several times.
Valentines day
Something I had to do today since I spent valentines day with my significant other. The story hasn't quite caught up to here yet, but dinna worry, the rest will follow
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and if you have a minute, please check out my Patreon !
Tempest-PROjects Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Student Writer
You are most welcome 
seika Featured By Owner May 3, 2015   Artist
thanks for the llama!

Tempest-PROjects Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Student Writer
I like to think everyone deserves a llama every now and then ;)
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